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Press START and learn about peoples' personal stories of life behind the Iron Curtain via 30 original postcards.



  1. 07/2014 Only seven days to go!

    TUNE IN: 5th August 10:20p.m. on ARTE. The first three episodes "Victory", "Wars" and "Hope" will be screened!

    Have a look into the whole project: VIDEO

  2. 07/2014 Comrades, Wake Up Call!

    We have something for you. Three episodes of "Farewell Comrades" will be on TV again.
    5th August, 10:20pm at ARTE

  3. "Farewell Comrades!" honored with the Grimme-Award

    Just now we received the message that our 6-part TV series "Farewell Comrades!" was awarded with the renowned Adolf-Grimme-Award 2013 with the category 'Information'. We congratulate and thank everybody who was involved.

    Over six episodes, the series follows the 16-year countdown leading to the final collapse of the Soviet world and Socialist utopia - told from the perspective of those people who experienced, caused or tried to prevent it.

    The award winner, director Andrei Nekrasov, the author György Dalos, the producer Georg Tschurschenthaler and executive producer Christian Beetz will receive the award at the ceremony in Marl on april the 12th.

  4. 03/2013 „Farewell Comrades!“ is nominated for the FOCAL International Award 2013!

    Our six-part TV-series „Farewell Comrades!“ is nominated for the FOCAL International Award 2013 in the category „Best Use of Footage in a History Production“. In 2012 the „Farewell Comrades!“ web format (www.lebtwohlgenossen.de) was nominated for the FOCAL Int. Award too, so we´re happy to announce that we´re back with the TV-series this year. The award ceremony in collaboration with AP Archive takes place in the Lancaster London Hotel on May 2nd 2013.


  5. 02/2013 DVD Release

    Right in time with the nomination for the prestigious german Adolf Grimme Award 2013, our 6-part documentary series „Farewell Comrades“ and the award-winning web-format “Farewell Comrades! Interactive” is released on DVD. In addition to the DVDs and the DVD-Rom, there´s an extensive booklet with background information included.


    Buy the "Farewell Comrades!" DVD here

  6. 02/3013 "Farewell Comrade!" Broadcast on RBB

    TV tip for our German friends: RBB screens the last two parts of the series on Tuesday Feb 19th 2013 at 10:45 pm.

  7. 02/2013 Welcome Comrade!

    We welcome the 1,000 Facebook-friend and the fact that our web project reached constant traffic and visitors from meanwhile 162 countries since we launched more than a year ago!

  8. 01/2013 „Farewell Comrades“ is nominated for the Grimme Award

    Breaking news from Marl: our TV series “Farewell Comrades!“ by Andrei Nekrasov is nominated for the Grimme Award 2013! The jury selected a total of 57 productions out of 807 entries; “Farewell Comrades!” is nominated in the category “Information – TV series”. Over six episodes, the series follows the 16-year countdown leading to the breakdown of the Soviet Empire – told from the perspective of the people who experienced, caused or tried to prevent it.
    The winners of the 49th Grimme Award will be announced on April 12, 2013 in Marl, Germany.

  9. 09/2012 nomination PRIX EUROPA 2012: `Best Online Production of the Year 2012´

    Great news reached us from the PRIX EUROPA AWARD 2012: our production "Farewell Comrades! Interactive" is nominated for the prestigious award in the category `Best Online Production of the Year 2012´. The selection committee screened and listened to over 640 submissions from 38 countries. Their unanimous impression: it is worth taking a stand for quality in European broadcasting! We keep our fingers crossed!

  10. 09/2012 "Farewell Comrades! Interactive" nominated for`FRANCE 24/RFI Web documentary award 2012´

    Our award-winning web format recently was nominated for the `FRANCE 24 – RFI Prize for the best web documentary 2012´. "Farewell Comrades! Interactive." was selected among 8 productions. We keep our fingers crossed.

  11. 05/2012 FOCAL Int. Award goes to “Farewell Comrades! Interactive”

    A tribute for the outstanding archive research: For “Farewell Comrades!” we researched in 40 archives in eastern Europe and made a pre-selection of 430 hours. A great deal of work, which got honoured with the FOCAL International Award. Our web format “Farewell Comrades! Interactive” received the prize within the category ‘Best Use of Footage on Non-Television Platforms’ yesterday in London. Congratulations to all comrades and researchers!

  12. 04/2012 “Farewell Comrades! Interactive” nominated for the Franco-German Prize for Journalism

    The Franco-German Prize for Journalism 2012 annouced their nominees and we are part of it with our documentary web format “Farewell Comrades! Interactive”. The Franco-German Prize for Journalism is classified as one of the most renowed awards for journalism. The award ceremony will be held on June 28th in Berlin.

  13. 03/2012 Farewell Comrades! Interactive nominated for the FOCAL International Award 2012

    We are delighted that Farewell Comrades! Interactive has been shortlisted for the Focal International Awards 2012 and is going through as a final nomination (1 of 3) in the category Best Use of Footage on Non-television Platforms.

  14. 03/2012 Series of Events „Farewell Comrades!“

    As part of the „Farewell Comrades! Media Event“ and in collaboration with Federal Foundation for the Reconciliation of the SED Dictatorship and the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin we are mounting a fivepart series of events. The exact dates will be announced here.

  15. 01/2012 „Farewell Comrades!“ Premiere in Berlin

    We are happy to announce that the big premiere of the „Farewell Comrades! Media Event“ on January 19, 2012, was a great success. (Even the stairs were chosen as additional sitting accomodation.) We want to thank everybody who joined us for this wonderful event! We would particularly like to thank the staff of the Czech Embassy who helped us to organize this special evening in a special building: It was built from 1974 to 1978 in a brutalist style as embassy in the GDR and still uses the distinctive furnishings from back then. 

  16. 01/2012 Premiere in Paris

    On January 16th 2012 at 08.00pm the French premiere of “Farewell Comrades!” will be celebrated at the French National Library in Paris (Quai Françoise Mauriac, 75013 Paris), hosted by BNF, ARTE, Artline Films and L’histoire. We look forward to see you there.

  17. 01/2012 Pressconference

    On January 10th at 11.00 am a big ARTE- press conference concerning “Farewell Comrades!” will be hosted at SOHO-House (Torstr.1, 10119 Berlin). Journalists and interested people are welcome to attend this event.

  18. 01/2012 Launch of Farewell Comrades! Interactive

    On January 10th 2012 the “Farewell Comrades!” web format will go online.

  19. 01/2012 Le nouvel observateur

    In France the “Farewell Comrades! Interactive” will be presented on the website of the renowned magazine “Le nouvel observateur”.

  20. 12/2011 "Farewell Comrades! (Interactive)" selected for competition at FIPA

    We look forward to January! Not only will the first episode of our TV-Series "Farewell Comrades!" premier on arte, we also just got informed by the FIPA that "Farewell Comrades! (Interactive)" was nominated for their competition. We are especially honoured as the festival, which will take place in Biarritz, 23rd to 29th of January, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

  21. 11/2011 After heated debates: “Farewell, Comrades! (Interactive)” nominated for Prix Europa 2012

    After heated debates the project was pulled out of the competition and nominated for the Prix Europa 2012, after the jury could not decide on a unanimous assessement scheme for the project. Prix Europa released a press statement underlining the special quality of the project.

  22. 10/2011 "Farewell Comrades! Interactive" in competition for DocLab Award at IDFA 2011

    We are looking forward to the IDFA 2011 in November: Our web format "Farewell Comrades! Interactive" has been selected for the competition of the DocLab Award.