Chernobyl. Alive for now...


Vladimir Nudelman

Soviet Union

As a doctor who could be called up for military service, in 1986, at age 37, Vladimir was mobilized to the Chernobyl Liquidation Service for 6 months. A paediatrician in civilian life, in Chernobyl he had to master a new profession: radiologist. In the 1980s, Vladimir's relatives all emigrated to Israel. He is the only one who stayed in USSR, despite various problems, including KGB persecution. Because he was on friendly terms with many underground Leningrad artists whose work was censored, he was under constant KGB surveillance. When some samizdat materials were found during a search in Vladimir's apartment, he decided to leave Leningrad and go work in the remote region of Karelia for 5 years.


Soviet Union, Kiev
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Postcard frontside, author: Vladimir Nudelman
The Lenin Museum in Kiev
The postcard shows the Lenin Museum in Kiev. Erected in 1982 at Lenin Komsomol Square, the museum was closed in 1991, after the dissolution of the USSR.
Postcard backside, author: Vladimir Nudelman
Postcard Text
Arrived in Kiev safe and sound, alive for now. Kiss, your husband and father.
Kiev is the capital and the largest city in Ukraine. It was the third most important city in the Soviet Union.

personal archives

In the Liquidation Service

On mission in Chernobyl. Vladimir Nudelman , with the beard, on the right.

country: Soviet Union / year:

On mission in Chernobyl, Vladimir Nudelman, (with the beard), on the right. Since doctors could always be called up for military service, in 1987, Vladimir Nudelman, was mobilized to the “Liquidation Service” in Chernobyl for half a year. His mission was to measure doses of radioactivity to which the « liquidators » were exposed.

In Chernobyl with the Crew

Vladimir Nudelman (with beard on the extreme on the left) in Chernobyl with the team.

country: Soviet Union / year:

Vladimir Nudelman (with beard, all the way to the left) in Chernobyl with the crew. In May 1987, Vladimir Nudelman was sent as a military radiologist to Stepanovka in Ukraina, at 2km from the Chernobyl Radiation Zone. Like all doctors at that time, he had a military specialization. Although he was a paediatrician, specialised in asthma, his “military specialty” was radiology and nuclear medicine.

The liquidation of Chernobyl

The attestation, issued in1987, proves that Vladimir Nudelman participated in the “Liquidation of Chernobyl”.

country: Soviet Union / year:

This certificate, issued in1987, proves that Vladimir Nudelman participated in the “Liquidation of Chernobyl”. The Leningrad military section was one of the first to issue such documents. In Kiev, the certificate was a kind of currency that opened all doors. Even in Leningrad, this kind of certificate offered all sorts of advantages, like free access to public transport and museums, and more opportunities in hostels.

A Chernobyl hero

A Certificate of honour delivered in 1987 to Vladimir Nudelman for his participation to the liquidation of Chernobyl.

country: Soviet Union / year:

A Certificate of Honour delivered in 1987 to Vladimir Nudelman for his participation in the Chernobyl clean up. For their actions at Chernobyl, veterans received many certificates of honour and medals, particularly on the anniversary of the catastrophe.